Wreck of S.S. Victory in Wickliffe Bay
Artist unknown
Donor unknown, 1908

The steamer Victory left Port Chalmers bound for Melbourne on the afternoon of 3 July 1861. After setting her on course the captain went below for tea, leaving the third mate in charge until the chief mate came to relieve him. The chief mate was allegedly drunk, however and when the vessel drifted off course and ran aground in a sandy part of Wickliffe Bay he took much of the blame. In the subsequent inquiry, the captain and engineer were found guilty of negligence but because there had been no loss of life they escaped only with a reprimand. The chief mate, for his hand in directly causing the wreck, was sentenced to three months’ hard labour in prison. The wreck site became known as Victory Beach.
Production Date
407 (h) x 509 (w) x 9 (d) mm (white card mount and mat)