Sampler by Anne Gibson, circa 1858.
Conservation funded in 2004 by Lynley Beard, in memory of her mother Orma Fairweather.

Linen fabric, polychrome wool threads, 442mm x 304mm.

This sampler was worked by a nine-year-old schoolgirl, probably in Scotland, in 1858. It has a plain weave linen ground embroidered with polychrome wool threads. There are rows of letters, numbers, and initials at the top section of the sampler. Under this is the name and age of the embroiderer followed by a range of spot motifs of birds and plants around the central image of a two-storey building. The building has a blue roof, a common representation on Scottish samplers for the slate-roofed Scottish schoolhouse. The sampler uses more thread colours than is typical of Scottish samplers but the profusion of initials, no doubt references to family members, is characteristic.

This sampler was the work of Ann Gibson but it has not been possible to establish anything more about her identity. It was donated to the Museum in 1948 by Mrs Agnes Edmond née Ferguson, the daughter of John Ferguson who arrived in Bluff on the Lady Milton in 1864 and settled at Menzies Ferry, Wyndham. Ann Gibson may have been her mother.
Ann Gibson
Production Date
Sampler 450x310mm
Mount 545x420mm