Darning sampler, 1890.

Wool fabric, wool threads, 140mm x 150mm.

This is a fairly humble example of a darning sampler. These were usually square or nearly square in shape. They were developed to showcase the stitches used in darning and at one time it was customary for a girl to work one of these alongside her ordinary sampler of lettering and patterns. The specimen darns would often be arranged in squares or crosses around some centre device, such as a basket of flowers, or just as often simply the initials of the sewer on a shield. This one looks as if it has not been finished.

This sampler came to the Museum from Miss Christina Jefferson in 1954. She recorded that it had been sewn by her sister at the Caversham School about 1890. From school records this suggests that the sewer was Katie Jefferson, born in 1883 and therefore just 7-years-old when she worked on this piece.
Katie Jefferson
Production Date
Circa 1890
Sampler 165x155mm
Mount 352x352mm