Chingford Estate, Dunedin
John Barr Clark Hoyte
Circa 1879
Donated by Mrs S.D. Neill, 1958

John Barr Clarke Hoyte, one of New Zealand’s leading late 19th century watercolourists, emigrated to New Zealand in 1860, settling in Auckland. He remained in Auckland for 16 years, working mainly as a teacher and art teacher. Hoyte was one of the founders of the Auckland Society of Artists in 1869-70 and was the secretary of the society for several years. The Hoyte family spent three years in Dunedin before settling in Australia in 1879. In Dunedin Hoyte immediately became a member of the new Otago Art Society and in Australia he co-founded the Art Society of New South Wales in 1880.
John Barr Clark Hoyte
Production Date
Circa 1870s-1880s
702 x 334 mm
802 x 600 mm (mat)