Sampler by Elizabeth Nichols, 1849.
Conservation funded by the Otago Embroiderers’ Guild in 1996.

Wool fabric, silk and wool threads, 440mmx 320mm.

This is a very fine sampler, featuring beautifully fine needlework. It has biblical texts from the Book of Proverbs worked in red wool, interspersed with floral and animal spot motifs in silken threads of various colours. Its sewer was 12 years old, slightly older than some of the other schoolgirls whose work is preserved in these samplers. This work may therefore represent a higher level of attainment at the upper end of the mid-nineteenth-century curriculum.

Elizabeth Nichols sewed this sampler in London in 1849. She subsequently became Mrs E.G. Townsend but so far we have not been able to obtain any further details on her life. Her sampler was presented to the Museum in 1957 from the estate of Mrs E.C. Bryant per Miss I.C. Crosbie.
Elizabeth Nichols
Production Date
465 (h) x 340 (w) mm
555 (h) x 425 (w) mm (mounted)