Sampler by Mina Reid, 1855 [?].

Linen fabric, wool threads, 410mm x 200mm.

The shape of this sampler is a little reminiscent of the ‘band samplers’ of the seventeenth century when fabric to embroider would be cut from the end of a long length of material. Otherwise it has the conventional repetition of alphabets in different styles and one row of numerals. It has the colour scheme – red and green threads – that typify Scottish samplers but none of the initials or other motifs that these normally exhibit.

Mina Reid worked this sampler in 1855 (or is it 1865?). There are no other clues to her identity but she is presumed to be part of, or connected to, the extended Calder family of Caversham. It was one of a group of four samplers donated to the Museum in 1957 from the estate of Sarah Jane Leach, née Calder.
Mina Re [illegible]
Production Date
Sampler 420x200mm
Mount 450x350mm