Sampler by Elizabeth Pearson, no date.

Linen fabric, wool threads, 410mm x 230mm.

This undated sampler looks to be an early nineteenth-century Scottish example. It has the typical Scottish colour scheme of red and green wool threads, and the array of family initials as a central feature. These follow the usual sequences of alphabets and numbers, subdivided by a series of standard border patterns. Each set of initials is surmounted by a crown and there are various spot motifs featuring plants, animals and geometric shapes.

Elizabeth Pearson was the paternal great grandmother of the donor Catherine Paterson Ferguson, née Main. Mrs Ferguson was the daughter of a sea captain who settled at Milton and died there in 1888. She donated three family samplers as a group in 1962. This is the second oldest of the group and probably predates the Otago settlement by at least two generations. It was brought to New Zealand as a family heirloom by the immigrant generation. Unfortunately we do not have further details on the family’s genealogy that would help decipher the various initials worked into the sampler.
Elisbeth Pearson
Production Date
Early 19th Century
435 (h) x 245 (w) mm
545 (h) x 420 (w) mm (mounted)