Sampler by Euphemia Ballingall Dougal Johnston, 1837.
Conservation funded by a private individual in 2005 in recognition of the Strathendrick Embroiderers' Guild, Scotland.

Wool fabric, silk threads, 450mm x 350mm.

Here is another outstanding Scottish sampler. It has a plain weave wool ground embroidered with polychrome silk threads. Seven rows of alphabet and number lines head the work, each line separated from the next by a row of border stitching. Beneath is the six-line verse – Jesus Permit thy gracious name to stand … - that appears on two other samplers in this exhibition. It was clearly a very popular selection. It is followed here by five lines of initials, each again separated by rows of border stitching. At the base is the sewer’s signature, location and date. A narrow stitched border is worked on the edges of the sampler and all sides have been hemmed. A folded newspaper has been stitched to the back of the sampler. It is a section of The New York Herald from 26 October 1869.

This sampler has a rather unusual history. It is one of two samplers by Euphemia Johnston that came to New Zealand. The other is in Tauranga at the historic house ‘The Elms’, formerly the Te Papa Anglican mission station. Euphemia was part of a Scottish Jacobite family, the Grants, who fled to Virginia after the Stuart defeat at Culloden in 1745. Two generations later, some of the family returned to Scotland where Euphemia was born circa 1830. She could only have been about 7 years old when she completed the sampler at Banff. She subsequently married Andrew Maxwell, a Free Church minister, and emigrated with him to Victoria, Australia. Following his death in1865 she took her young family to Wellington where her brother was a Judge. Her sister, Christina, was the wife of an Anglican minister in Tauranga. When she died in 1887 she bequeathed her home (The Elms) to Euphemia, on condition that she come to live there. Euphemia left Wellington somewhat reluctantly but occupied the historic Tauranga house until her own death in 1919 at 87.
Euphemia Johnston
Production Date
Sampler 465x362mm
Mount 545x425mm