Ann Grant wore this dress when she married John Bathgate at ‘Granton’, her father’s Taieri farm, on 16 August 1872. She was born in Perthshire, Scotland, about 1848 and came to Otago with her parents, Peter and Elizabeth Grant, on the Stormcloud in 1861. The Grants were the first settlers to establish a farm in the Outram district. The Bathgates were close neighbours, their farm ‘Janefield’ first settled in 1865. The couple went on to have seven sons and three daughters. John inherited ‘Janefield’ on his father’s death in 1881 and added a neighbouring farm ‘Gowrie’ to their holdings in 1896. Ann and John were prosperous Taieri farmers, stalwarts of the West Taieri Presbyterian Church and highly respected in the district. John died in 1913 and Ann the following year.

Ann’s wedding dress is similar to Mary Murney’s 1871 dress in a number of ways. Both have the skirt gathered into a rear bustle, covered with an apron attachment, as well as the centre front opening and high waistline. The fabric is also similar, a patterned silk, with in Ann’s case, decorative fringing, a lace collar and velvet bows (some now missing). This dress also has a decorative oversleeve but the actual sleeve is quite fitting, in contrast to the wide open-mouthed ‘pagoda’ sleeves of the 1859 Leitch dress. The colours are somewhat more muted here: a warm fawn and rich brown. Wear and tear marks suggest that this dress too would have seen repeated service as a fashionable day dress after the wedding day.
Production Date
Circa 1872