Cargill Monument
Charles R. Swyer
Pen and watercolour
Donor unknown

Charles Swyer was Otago Provincial Architect in the mid-1860s. When the early settlers decided to build a monument to honour Captain William Cargill, one of the principal founders of the Otago settlement and its first Superintendent (1853-59) who died in 1860, Swyer’s design was chosen as the winning entry. This drawing post-dates the competition. It is possibly the same drawing that was exhibited at the 1865 New Zealand Exhibition in Dunedin by then Superintendent His Honour John Hyde Harris. The monument was first erected in the Octagon and removed to the Exchange in 1872. The style and technique of this painting shows Swyer’s architectural background, in the same way that the works of George O’Brien likewise show his training in architectural draughtsmanship.
C.R. Swyer
Production Date
416 (length) x 656 (height) mm