Portrait of a woman with grapes
Jane McGlashan
Pencil and paint on card
Donor unknown

Jane McGlashan was the eldest child of solicitor and Otago Association secretary John McGlashan and his wife Isabella. After six years of arranging for other Scottish migrants to come to Otago, John McGlashan decided to emigrate himself. Thus in 1853 John, Isabella and eight of their ten children (including Jane who was then 26 years of age) set sail on the ship Rajah. They arrived at Port Chalmers to be reunited with the other two members of the family, sons John and ‘Willie’ who had emigrated in 1852. Jane provides a significant account of the voyage of the Rajah in her shipboard diary. Like all of her six sisters, Jane McGlashan never married. She died in Dunedin in 1894.
Jane McGlashan
510 (h) x 413 (w) mm