‘Steerage class’ passengers were only permitted to take a small number of boxes and trunks as luggage. They had to make do with whatever they could find to serve for furniture on arrival in the new settlement. One example is this pine table made from part of the bunk which John Buchanan slept on during the voyage of the Philip Laing in 1848. The legs are made from manuka cut from the bush in Maclaggan Street with a few strips of bark still hanging on to this day. The top is attached crudely with cleats and wedges showing that this was not a piece made by a skilled worker. Buchanan was actually a 46 year old weaver from Kirkintilloch near Glasgow. He emigrated with his wife Margaret and daughters Isabella and Jeannie, while a son Gilbert was born in Dunedin. The table has the initials JB scratched into the top.