Captain William Cargill
Reuben Cole
Oil on board
Donor unknown

This portrait of Otago settlement founder, Captain William Cargill, is painted from an earlier painting or photograph. Few photographs of Cargill, who died in 1860, survive. The artist, Robert ‘Reuben’ Cole, did not emigrate from England to New Zealand until 1905. Cole had been a decorator at Osborne (the sea-side residence of Queen Victoria) until 1894. It is thought that, whilst he was working at Osborne, the Queen purchased some of Cole’s paintings and that Cole subsequently gained various commissions at Osborne, Balmoral and Windsor Castle. Reuben Cole died in Dunedin in September 1919, aged 69.
Reuben Robert Cole
625 (h) x 523 (w) x 40 (d) mm (framed)
(note: depth including hooks is approx. 60mm)