This smart and stylish black velvet 1940s two-piece evening gown sees a return to a softer line after the sharp angles of the wartime profile. The fabric is incredibly soft and drapes beautifully, even with the volume of fabric in the skirt, which nonetheless falls straight in gentle pleats from the numerous gathers at the waist. The jacket is very lightly shaped at the waist. It has full-length sleeves with no padding or shaping at the shoulders. The cuffs are turned back with a ruffle, echoing the ruffle on the shawl collar. Though rather simple in design, this is a lovely costume that is striking for the strong colour and richness of the silk velvet fabric.
There is no information in the Museum’s records about who wore or made this dress. Museum staff would be keen to hear from any visitors who recognise this garment.
Jacket 610x540x260mm (on mannequin)
Skirt 1010x350x270mm (on mannequin)